Flow Dividers / Proportionators

MTE Hydraulic Flow Dividers / Proportionators are manufactured at our facility in the USA. the MTE flow dividers are designed to divide a flow from a single hydraulic source to two or more equal or proportionate circuits in order to intensify or reduce pressure of each. Our hydraulic flow divider is a perfect application tool to synchronize the 2 or more cylinders. MTE flow dividers are available to accept input up to 50 GPM per section and can also be assembled into multiple sections to solve all of your application requirements.

  • MTE flow divider displacement range: 1.81 cc to 63.86 cc (0.110 to 3.3896 cu.in./rev)
  • Nominal working pressures up to 3500 psi
  • Maximum input flow of up to 50 GPM per section

Click the Icon to download PDF Specs for our Flow Dividers / Proportionators models.

Proportionator_schematic_1 Proportionator_schematic_2


Flow Dividers / Proportionators

  • Car wash systems
  • Fuel distribution systems
  • Car Hauler
  • Multiple-nozzle machinery
  • Lubrication systems Cylinder control &
    pressure intensifiers

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