Hydraulic Gear Motors

MTE Gear Motors are made in three series of models with displacements ranging from 0.5 GPM to 35 GPM. Our unique gear tooth design and trapping reliefs provide quiet, smooth operation at high speeds and pressures. Our high pressure shaft seal will withstand continuous back pressures up to 200 PSI. Anti-friction needle bearings are standard for speeds ranging from 500 RPM to 4,000 RPM. Steel backed, leaded bronze bearings are utilized for higher speed applications. MTE motors are available in single or bi-rotational operation, with built-in check valves.

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Hydraulic Motors

  • Drives for Sprayer Pumps
  • Fan Drives
  • Compressors
  • Spreaders
  • Rotary Brushes

We’re experts at hydraulic pumps, motors, and power units and pride ourselves in our ability to address your needs, whether a special prototype or high production unit. When OEM customers call MTE, they’ll find our people receptive and responsive. Assistance is always available from either our customer service, sales, or engineering departments.

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