Two Stage / Log Splitter Pumps

MTE Hydraulics Two Stage / Log Splitter Pumps are manufactured at our facility in the USA. The high quality pumps are manufactured with a heavy duty construction utilizing both our 200 and 300 series gear pump designs. The MTE two stage pumps feature an integrated internal unloading valve that diverts high-volume flow at minimum pressure when high pressure flow is required. Our pumps are designed to direct couple to gas engines or AC electric motors that turn up to a nominal speed of 3800 RPM with a maximum of 4000 RPM. The unloading feature assures that a small, efficient motor can be utilized without compromising the effectiveness.

  • MTE high pressure pump displacements: 1.81 cc to 6.68 cc (0.110 to 0.408
  • MTE Low pressure pump displacements: 3.14 cc to 16.00 cc (0.192 to 0.976
  • Nominal working pressures up to 3500 psi, Maximum pressure up to 3800 psi
  • Nominal speeds up to 3800 RPM, maximum speed up to 4000 RPM

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  • Logsplitters
  • Trash Compactors
  • Press Applications

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