Hydraulic DC Pump / Motor Unit

MTE Hydraulic DC Pump / Motor Units are manufactured in the USA. This design utilizes an MTE hydraulic gear pump, fixed clearance or pressure balanced, allowing for superior quality and design flexibility. Our engineering center is located at the manufacturing facility to ensure for a quick response time for all standard and custom solutions.

  • Our DC motors range from 12VCD, 24 VDC, & 48 VDC
  • KW of Motor: 0.5 to 5
  • MTE Pump Displacements range from 0.19 cc/rev to 12 cc/rev (0.012 cu.in./rev to 0.73 cu.in./rev)
  • MTE manufactures both fixed clearance & pressure balanced pumps rated up to 4200 psi to custom fit your application requirements.

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Hydraulic  Pump / DC Motor Unit

  • Aerial lifts
  • Cab Tilt
  • Auxiliary power Unit for Mobile Equipment
  • Platform Lift
  • Scissor Lift

We’re experts at hydraulic pumps, motors, and power units and pride ourselves in our ability to address your needs, whether a special prototype or high production unit. When OEM customers call MTE, they’ll find our people receptive and responsive. Assistance is always available from either our customer service, sales, or engineering departments.

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